Kubilai Khan investigations
Michel Lussault est géographe. Frank Micheletti est chorégraphe. Chacun à sa façon observe et explore les espaces. [full text]
Danse, musique & autres soulèvements à Chic Planète ; un événement proposé dans le cadre des Nocturnes du jeudi de la Rue des Arts. [full text]
"Collections secrètes" #6
Les îles du voir (un)visible, Hyères
Ce rendez-vous est secret ; vous ne connaissez ni la destination, ni l’intention. [full text]
No Filter invites the public to quench its thirst of the unknown, in a secret dimension and stages.

[full text]
We listened and recorded attentive and sensitive words in attention of the other. Each unit and each service is a world in itself remaining connected to a global architecture, the hospital. In these diverse areas are expressed vulnerability, fragility and humanity of our lives backed over time.
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In situ creation for La Distillery in Aubagne
[full text]
The time of Kublai Khan investigations evening invades all areas of theater ... [full text]
The tree shelters a different conception of time and offers us the opportunity to imagine and receive unusual sensations. Around him play the spiral of wind, water, sun, snake, birds and lightning.
At its heart beats his growth and rustling spiral and carries his buoyancy. [full text]
Time which opens up like a space
It is not a story, but rather a geography. A deep blue sky which reminds us that we cannot touch the horizon.
One has to fall into the material for something to happen.
Disturbing time, making space move, the dance like a general poetic [full text]
Rearranging time, making space move, the dance is like a general poetic form of action. Every movement is a point of sensitivity as a support, a setting in the surfaces and thicknesses of reality and its representations. Limits, edges, masses, angles, volumes, pulling out of line, [full text]
The body bears the difference and the multiple entries which open up to the different scales of time and space where our images and representations are at play. This duo re-cuts, adjusts the materials that reflect the relationships of dualities in interferences and / or continuities : playing on distinctions, resistances, [full text]
Summer 2005 : Maputo (the capital of Mozambique) ; we are beginning the process of creation that will lead us to the piece « Gyrations of barbarous tribes ». In the first hours of our first encounters, we filmed the town, its streets, everyday life, daily acts : moving around, eating, laughing, talking, having a party, rehearsals in the studio [full text]
Akasaka Research is a research centre. Its subjects are those of desires : are they internal or rather similar to foreign landscapes ?
The dream is a truth just like any other part of real life, so in this office/bedroom and other possible extensions, dreams, substances [full text]
Time is a river and I am also this river, with its rhythms, meanderings, departures, curving around and back...
Woman and Man, we are a "tower of winds"....
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24/24 is the declination of 24 actions/propositions of variable durations which will slide into the urban fabric every hour: these short pieces associating dances/music/texts/images will begin on Friday 7 October at 7pm and will continue without interruption until 8pm on Saturday 8 [full text]