Kubilai Khan investigations
CONSTELLATIONS 1 - october 5/6th 2007
In residence at l'Arsenal in Metz

Dances, Music, Installations, Performances, Cinema-concert which play with the time zones; we will go from Tokyo to Maputo, from electronic territories to gravitations of bodies. Constellations 1 slides through the volumes of the Arsenal in several directions, setting off unusual experiences, moving realities. A beyond limits which invent its own topography and reconciles the spirit of places and bodies in movement, material journeys and metaphorical journeys, rapid and gentle movements as far as imagination will take them. The over-layering of languages which guarantee the transfer of inner worlds towards the exterior world, open and complex. Residing in a particular place is, of course, to occupy it, set down one's baggage, put down a part of one's past, one's identity. But it is also to impregnate oneself with it, meet people, develop ties with those who already live there : build on new soil. Constellations 1 will thus be made up of what Kubilai Khan Investigations is, but also of that which it hopes to do during this residence in the Arsenal in Metz.

Performed at 7pm and then continuously throughout the evening, Horizons d
Week-end d’ouverture…
Performance dansée dans le magasin Ikea- Metz : vendredi 28 septembre, 18h / Coupures : Mercredi 3 octobre à 14h, et jeudi 4 octobre à 10h
Friday October 5th
Sorrow Love Song - danse, création 2004 : 20h30 Grande Salle / Timbila Muzimba (Mozambique)- concert : 22h Salle de l’Esplanade
Samedi 6 octobre
Takumi Fukushima & Rui Owada - concert : 20h Salle de l’Esplanade
Mondes, Monde - danse, création 2006 : 21h Grande Salle
Audiopixel - concert : 22h Hall de l’Esplanade
Timbila Muzimba (Mozambique) - concert : 23h Salle de l’Esplanade
Onna To Otoko - ciné-Concert en Paradis : 23h Grande Salle. Onibaba (1964) de Kaneto Shindo, chef d’œuvre japonais du 7e art, évoque une atmosphère dans laquelle femme et homme sont comme la «tour des vents» d’un conte de sauvagerie et de désir. Un film porté par la poésie et le lyrisme des images, âpre et tendu parfois soyeux, qui se joue en Paradis.