Kubilai Khan investigations
Réserve Naturelle turns over a situation, the adult’s one, those who read a story to their kids.
Here, it’s the kids that are narrating out loud stories to make our head spin. [full text]
Did the consequences of our actions become partly unpredictable ? [full text]
In that great number of things that passes only « by the body », is drawed an interpenetration space that eases the idea of separation and opens passages. [full text]
dance concert that relies on the strange seduction that occurs in clips and music, widely listened and watched by youth. [full text]
A performance by Kubilai Khan investigations, in partnership with the Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, and with the support of the departement of Seine-Saint-Denis. [full text]
Dancing / drawing to recognize the existence of the lines in our life ... Clearly the world is temporary .. transplant spectra , voices and phenomena around us. [full text]
"Reflex" is a series of movements that cause a team play without requiring a theory or principles to follow . [full text]
L'Empire traces the disintegration and perversion of the institutions and the horrors experienced by Mexican society from criminal organizations and their infiltration to the highest level of the state and its hold on the real economy. With Gabriela Ceceña (dance), Hildegarde Lazskak (drawing), Frank Micheletti (music and design) .
Extra Pôle, Strasbourg - 23 mai 2015, au Shadock.
[full text]
Real odyssey of the speed, this small form bears a temporal perspective on this fascination with acceleration in our proper society [full text]