Kubilai Khan investigations
ShoshO - 2017
Everything is a line parliament

" Every life is a form of life and every form refers to life "
Roberto Esposito

In that great number of things that passes only « by the body », is drawed an interpenetration space that eases the idea of separation and opens passages. Following this perspective, I would like to associate music and dance like a double body to take advantage of expressive qualities proper to each of its mediums. On that plan, arragements, assemblies and connectors are opened between these language elements and place a body with his variable faculties. Polyphonic bodies and structures sketch an open questionning on our environmental ethic : when our breaths tangle and mix with the athmosphere. That point of view helps theese differentiated listening fields, sliding positions and crossing thresholds. She probes the different humans and non-humans environments, the thought and action fields ; the wave, the voice and the spectral phenomenons, that split and distinguish the visible and the invisible, the audible and the buried. Shosho makes infinite co-determination and co-arousal loops between the areas, the time and the publics. This place doesn’t need the caracteristics and technique elements of a conventionnal stage.
And if we followed the line jumble, maybe a bush where less predictable paths present themselves…

At festival Quatre Chemins, Haiti
27/7/2019 ShoshO, Lieux Mouvants, Lanrivain (22)
26/4/2019 Rizières pop (GongGong), Musée des Arts Asiatiques, Toulon
6/12/2018 Résidence de Frank Micheletti au Japon
21/12/2017 Le Colombier, Bagnolet
2/12/2017 Festival Quatre Chemins, Haïti