Kubilai Khan investigations
Rencontre inédite entre un chorégraphe et un écrivain
Nous ne sommes pas tranquilles avec les malheurs du monde. Nos corps incorporent des toxiques. Ils grouillent, râlent, protestent et craquent. Nos symptômes chantent avec les humiliés. [full text]
We try to match the breath, the blood, the flesh and the objects that dances around us.

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How can we sell or buy the sky, the earth warmth ? If the air freshness and the water whisper doesn’t belong to us, how can we sell them ? [full text]
Trona est ici un prénom de 5 lettres que nous avons décomposé en 5 chapitres : Tempête / Rite / Onirisme / Nuit / Archéologie. Ces chapitres accrochent au corps des intensités qui se relient à des paysages avec des reliefs accidentés. [full text]
The physical state of our world is chaotic nowadays, from now on it’s a stormy space. L’EMPIRE is a black light [full text]
« Siyin » is a trial of oneself. A self shifted by several thousands of kilometres.
Sara was born in Singapore and now lives in Brussels to fulfil her desire to dance. [full text]
Is tomorrow already here somewhere? If so, where is it? Where are we? Where are we with all this? What fictions are we living with? Tomorrow is already today and as it is we are not sure of our present. So in what terms are we going to speak of the future that awaits us? [full text]
16 hours 45 would be needed to link 13,099 km of direct fly between Singapore and Nouakchott. No airline offers this trip online.
Sometimes other ways bring people closer, erasing part of the effect of these distances. [full text]
An electrifying encounter between the dancers of Kublai Khan investigations and a rock band. This meeting with boundless energy immerses us closer to these trajectories and fluidities that mark our lives. [full text]
Four dancers and as many musicians from the four corners of the globe come back from the future to witness the partial collapse of Western civilization.
Through an expressive dance, mixed with live music, Something is wrong questions the world and its transformations and reminds us of the urgency to act. Now. [full text]
Conference des parties is a musical group created for the performance of the contemporary dance compagny Kublai Khan Investigations " Bien sûr les choses tournent mal" (Of Course things go wrong). Determined to find the raw energy of concert halls... [full text]
A danced piece in the form of a dive into the heart of molten matter, Black Belt spits out a magical ink that reveals the troubled and agitated zones of the living [full text]
This poem behaves like an animal. Its story rises, decants from the body... haunted. The tree never bathes itself in the same wind twice.
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no.W.here draws a strange curve of the representations' plans, this duo observes and probes the little space left for bodies beyond conventions, it suggests ways of being and thinking of oneself which do not reproduce a relationship to the power of norms or a continuation of codes. Would it be possible for the diverging gestures to escape the control of categorisation ? [full text]
Electric match between Kubilai Khan investigations and the rock band Paper Tiger. [full text]
The contemporary relationship to time draws us into the spheres of acceleration that are the principal experience of modernity. Towns move, they are the territories that these incessant movements prefer, movements whose driving force is the gain by the domination of the most rapid. [full text]
The port town of Accra, the capital of Ghana, a central element of the staging, will be questioned, disturbed, in dialogue with bodies. Penetrating each territory as a part of a space-world in gestation. Choreographing the sum of plural geographies, going beyond frontiers to submerge [full text]
This project came into being in Japan, or to be more precise in the summer of 2009 on the slopes of a mountain near Kyoto. The heat of the summer, the intensity of the skies and the continual rustling sounds in the undergrowth surrounded its development. I had just met Romain Kronenberg, an artist and musician, during an artists' residency in the town of Kujoyama. [full text]
The study of these bodies in reaction with an environment – rejection, absorption, interaction, modification within a space itself in mutation – nourishes itself and dialogues with that which is not visible : the off stage. The circulation of sounds and sound waves, light waves, recordings, as many respirations breathing in suspensions, breathlessness and intervals. [full text]
I would like there to be a feeling of duration, crossing through periods of time, feeling the passages, the flow of the materials of time such as pulsations, waves, mixed particles of sound, bodies, lights. Those sensations that follow us and which establish, conceal themselves, over-layering and erasing motifs, sliding through different levels to detect the more subtle presences [full text]
The body is bearing the differences and various entries that follow the time and space scales where our images and representations are at stake. This duet cuts and mends again the fabrics that reflect our relations of duality, in interference and/or in continuity : games of distinction, resistance, attraction or repulsion [full text]
In the middle of nowhere, enter a floating, crystalline world and discover the sleepy landscapes in your retinas.
The sense of humour of Kubilai Khan Investigations, a duet of skating dancers with their feet wrapped in plastic bags, in a setting that looks more like an ice field than a stage, announces a few bright scenes [full text]
A piece built as a set of Matryoshka dolls. A world conjugated in the plural form, according to those who inhabit it. On stage, four dancers reveal their own world, coloured with the memory carried by their bodies. In a language that is their own, with serpentine hands, faceless figures and a receiving body, they recount small parts of their being, of their story. Inevitably dissimilar, from one individual to the other, yet also common. For beyond the differences, a map is drawn of a shared territory [full text]
A stage as an individual (play) area. That of a tribe willing to exchange. That of dancers, acrobats and musicians seeking a route that will link their continents. Crossing frontiers, the Djembe invites itself into the swinging melodies of the violin, the Mozambican rhythms rub up against the Japanese electronic music, contemporary dance defies African dance [full text]
Between two things, a threshold, as a meeting place
Between two things drawing closer together and confront each other.
I imagine a sheet of paper on this threshold
Paper in the form of a human body
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Haruki Murakami’s Chroniques de l’oiseau à ressort, a right of passage novel, leads its characters to carry on a metaphysic quest in the determined space of their daily environment. Thus dreams, reminiscences/recollections and reality overlap and superpose. [full text]
When dreams replay past events, when they break them up, transform them into images, and determine their meaning, I have the idea that the past, like the future, will forever remain a mystery. The fact that we have experienced something certainly does not mean that we have understood the significance of it. That is why I am no less anxious about the past than the future. [full text]
Since the beginning, Kubilai Khan Investigations dreams of the group, of a plural identity, a space without poetic or ethnic borders. The stage is conceived as the place for exchanges and meetings, where you can find together dance, acrobatics, music… In order to keep inventing games, weaves, the principle
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You need eyes riveted open, ears that are ready for a "mix" of tones and a mind that is on the alert, to be able to follow TANIN NO KAO. The key to "breathing" in this score for 6 parts is time: time to tame the action and the movement, interference between artistic disciplines, time to freeze the trajectory of gesture and image [full text]
Creating a spectacle is, for me, like travelling into an unknown territory. In the case of Huit sur 8 the journey is made by two people. Each traveller knows how important it is to choose the right companion, a good one, one with whom discoveries can be shared, who can help you from time to time, to talk with, to be silent with, to be together with and then also to leave [full text]
Since the beginning, our meetings ressembled an artistic trading : the stage became a place for transactions leading to interrelationships between our different practices. On the stage, the arts of circus, dance, music and new technologies mingle together. What agreements, what disagreements will these opportunities for crossbreeding and for exchanging produce ? This framework, which is the basis of a “vibrant life ” [full text]