Kubilai Khan investigations
Poko Dance - solo, duo, trio 2001
15 performances
Tour : France - Espagne - Suisse

Since the beginning, Kubilai Khan Investigations dreams of the group, of a plural identity, a space without poetic or ethnic borders. The stage is conceived as the place for exchanges and meetings, where you can find together dance, acrobatics, music
Our imagination is satisfied with the idea of a Totem in exile, a Totem that obscurely demands mythologies, tribes, incantations and perhaps even sacrifices ; all the more reason to dream in the uncertain dusk. J.L. BORGES
In the beginning there was the centre, the tribe, those who brought us into being here :
It is the continuity of a dance created for a video. Performed in a natural setting, the eye of the camera, close to the bodies, instinctive, allowed a play on proximity and movement to occur. To transcribe this dance onto the stage, we have chosen to create an intimate and circular universe. It is a dance of the violent gentleness of the relationship between two people, an engaging dance that requires the intimate gaze of the spectator. It contrasts with happiness. The hidden face of the Other. Together they raise their fists to the sky, protecting this extremely fragile area which consumes itself like a fire in the undergrowth of an arid desert.
With Cynthia PHUNG-NGOC and Dimitri JOURDE

Three different men in their body and their origin. They invent a dance mixing breakdance, capoeira, acrobatics and contemporary dance. They walk together. Everything divides them. Everything gathers them. In common, they have scares they support as elephants without tusks. The Court invites them to stay in circle, which they break creating lines of escape and dissidence. In this place without name, the DJ
Distribution : Choreography and interpretation - Takumi Fukushima, Dimitri Jourde, Cynthia Phung Ngoc, Stéphane Podevin, Mathieu Prawerman\r\nCréation lumière et scénographie : Ivan Mathis \r\nDirection technique : Pierre Vigna\r\n\r\nCoproductions : Kubilaï Khan investigations, CNCDC Châteauvallon, Centre Chorégraphique national d''Orléans, Le Carreau - Scène nationale de Forbach, Centre régional des arts du cirque de Cherbourg & et la Villette.
6/5/2003 Le Salmanazar, Epernay