Kubilai Khan investigations
Frank Micheletti's creations in Australia, november 2019

In November, Kubilai Khan investigations went to Australia to dance, to teach, to make music and have a creation time with an artist residency.

Two dance performances were given, one at the Consulat of the Ambassade de France in Australia, the 6 of november in Sydney and the other took place in Launceston the 16 of november during the Mona Foma cessions, artistic outdoor performances which are an annual activity of the Mona Foma Festival (in January). In this cession, Frank Micheletti danced with the music of Brian Ritchie, bassman of the band Violent Femmes and director of the Mona Foma.

On november the 7, the National Art School of Sydney, was celebrating the opening of its Master of Fine Anrt Exhibition. In this occasion, Frank Micheletti aka DJ Yaguara proposed a dancefloor.

Photography Peter Morgan

From the 8th at the 23th november, Frank Micheletti was welcoming by the University of Tasmania in Launceston for an artist residency. He worked to create a collaborative dance performance Eye See You, doing workshops with young women. On november the 23, the performance took place with a dancefloor.

Photography Phillip Blggs


Interview of Frank Micheletti (FR), 19/11/2019, SBS French
Interview of Frank Micheletti and women who participate at the peformance (EN), 25/11/2019, ABC Australia (starting at 18')
Paper on Frank Micheletti in Australia, 12/11/2019, The Examiner