Kubilai Khan investigations
Trona - 2016

Youth questions us : music videos are a youth exchange format. To question this exchange, to understand the values​​, transformations, representations that circulate through music , dance, and their implementation audiovisual stage ... "Trona" is a dance concert that relies on the strange seduction that occurs in clips and music, widely listened and watched by youth.

Choreography : Frank Micheletti
Dance : Sara Tan
Live music : Marine Colard and Frank Micheletti
Production : Kubilai Khan investigations

Photos diaporama de Sem Brundu

Top picture : Benoit Chapon
7/10/2017 Les Guilands, Bagnolet
13/9/2017 Festival Constellations, Hyères
16/9/2016 Festival Constellations, Toulon