Kubilai Khan investigations
Akasaka research - 2006
Création Nuit des Musées, Toulon
Akasaka Research is a research centre. Its subjects are those of desires : are they internal or rather similar to foreign landscapes ?
The dream is a truth just like any other part of real life, so in this office/bedroom and other possible extensions, dreams, substances, feelings, reminiscences, hallucinations and realities are drawn and mixed up together.
Two Japanese musicians violin/voice/electronic fields unfold spaces where no real or supposed frontier will hide the hidden sides of things and beings. Facing us, a woman and a man, confronted with the inextricable laws of desires, will look over their shoulders towards the vanishing point that always escapes our sight.

Distribution : Takumi Fukushima, Ikue Nakagawa, Rui Owada, Frank Micheletti
Production : Kubilai Khan Investigations, Ville de Toulon
Remerciements au CNCDC de Ch