Kubilai Khan investigations
Coupures (Cuts) - created in 2007

Coupures from Kubilai Khan Investigations on Vimeo.

The body bears the difference and the multiple entries which open up to the different scales of time and space where our images and representations are at play. This duo re-cuts, adjusts the materials that reflect the relationships of dualities in interferences and / or continuities : playing on distinctions, resistances, attractions or repulsions, densities, weight, measures, sex.
Short trajectories through our material aspects. Our bodies are the developments that lead us into rather distant registers (fantasized bodies / used bodies / sensitive bodies). There is the shadow and the prey. We are embodied in a material world where, according to the circumstances, each individual is both subject and object, vulnerable and resistant.

As one speaks of the different moments in our lives. That of a couple whose relationship moves from that of a duo to that of a duel. Cuts. Like the slashes into flesh that allow the inside to see itself from the outside : the attraction, repulsion, desire to possess, to be possessed. Cuts. Like those power failures that modify the electrical fields and send the magnetic poles wild. Cuts. Like the cutbacks at work made to preserve only that which is essential. Cuts. Like a dance that plunges directly into the most beautiful enigma that man has to resolve : the Other.
Laurence Perez
Distribution: Dancers - Ikue Nakagawa et Frank Micheletti
Lighting creation : Ivan Mathis

Production : Kubilai Khan investigations
Remerciements au CNCDC de Châteauvallon pour son accueil en résidence