Kubilai Khan investigations
Comme la main s'enroule
photos: Marco Pazetti

The tree harbours a different concept of time and offers us the possibility of imagining and receiving unusual sensations. Swirling around it are the wind and water, the sun, the serpent, birds and lightning. Within its heart its spiral of growth beats, murmuring and bearing its elevating force. It penetrates the soul as it does our minds. Roots spreading down towards the centre of the earth, it sees the fluttering of eyelids and understands the voices of humans.
To dance is to unroll one's own skin through the air, press one's weight into the ground, accompany gravity with the complicity of the flesh, in the passing of time, in human matters and life all around. Skin is a boundary, a porous frontier, a reality of separation but above all a multitude of end points capable of enveloping enormous extensions. In the physical space of touching, we follow the contacts of our skin continually unfolding onto other things, onto itself, onto another's, in the shade of the falling leaves

Choreography, music mixed in live by Frank Micheletti
Interpreters : Viktoria Andersson et Idio Chichava
23/6/2012 Les invités, Villeurbanne
10/6/2012 Venaria, Italia
2/6/2012 Aubagne
29/10/2011 Genova, Italie