Kubilai Khan investigations
37 représentations - plus de 10 000 spectators
Tour : France - Allemagne - Suisse - Inde - Belgique - Croatie - Mexique

Haruki Murakami’s Chroniques de l’oiseau à ressort, a right of passage novel, leads its characters to carry on a metaphysic quest in the determined space of their daily environment. Thus dreams, reminiscences/recollections and reality overlap and superpose.

What, then, is the thread that links together sequences of events, lives, into meaningful reality? A bird between the two parallel worlds of dream and of reality, yet the oneiric/dreamlike world reshapes into that of the real, suggesting the essential/fundamental unreality of the world, or at least its multi-dimensional nature, its plastic.

From this haunting/bewitching story we retained the architecture of a building, or more exactly, that of an office. Akasaka Design Office, as it’s named in the novel, Akasaka Research in Sorrow Love Song, a research department/ research consultancy office has its subjects are made to grasp the question of desires : are they within us or more like foreign/strange landscapes? Signals, more or less strange/odd dwelling a unusual, temporary/ephemeral, fragile, drifting vision.

In Akasaka Research’s office, bedroom or some other possible extension, dream, substance, feeling, memory/reminiscence/recollection, hallucination create a very particular/singular weft of space and time.

Two Japanese musicians’ violin/voval/electronic music displaying resonant landscapes, explorations of the shady part of matter/things and beings. Opposite them, a woman and a man confront the inextricable question of desire, sometimes looking over their shoulder at that blind spot which always escapes our searching eyes.

An obscure mover ruling over our feelings, Sorrow love Song is a geopoetic fiction in love with our twirling.
Distribution : Interpreters - Chiharu Mamiya, Frank Micheletti, Rui Owada, Takumi Fukushima, Giota Kallimani, Emilio Urbina, Cynthia Phung-Ngoc/ Music : Rui Owada and Takumi Fukushima
Lights and scenography : Ivan Mathis
Technical Management : Pierre Vigna
Sound Management : Rémi Combret
Coproductions : Théâtre de Saint Quentin en Yvelines, Festival Danse à Aix, Théâtre de l'Olivier - Istres
Special thanks to CNCDC de Chateauvallon, la Scène nationale de Saint Quentin en Yvelines and le Théâtre de l’Olivier à Istres, for the welcome in their studios.

This production has been supported by SPEDIDAM (société de perception et de distribution des droits des artistes-interprètes de la musique et de la danse)
13/10/2007 La Comédie Scène nationale, Clermont-Ferrand
12/10/2007 La Comédie Scène nationale, Clermont-Ferrand
2/12/2006 Mexico, Mexico
24/7/2006 Festival San Vincenti, Croatia
7/7/2006 Festival de Marseille
17/6/2006 CNCDC Châteauvallon, Ollioules
30/5/2006 Théâtre Paul Eluard, Bezons
14/2/2006 Chavan auditorium, Mumbai, India
12/2/2006 National School Of Drama, Delhi, India
8/2/2006 CCF Bangalore, India
24/1/2006 Pôle Sud, Strasbourg (2 représentations)
21/1/2006 Cultuurcemtrum, Brugges, Belgium
13/1/2006 Théâtre de la Licorne Made In Cannes
10/5/2005 Maison des Arts, Créteil (4 représentations )
31/3/2005 La Nacelle - Théâtre du Mantois, Aubergenville
18/3/2005 Théâtre du Vésinet
9/3/2005 Scène nationale de St Quentin en Yvelines (3 représentations)
5/3/2005 Festival Tanz Bremen, Allemagne
16/2/2005 Les Presqu'iles de danse / Arcadi, Cergy-Pontoise
19/11/2004 Le Manège, Maubeuge
16/11/2004 Théâtre de L'Olivier, Istres
21/10/2004 ADC Eaux Vives, Genève, Suisse (9 représentations)
26/7/2004 Danse à Aix, Aix-en-Provence