Kubilai Khan investigations
Trois complices partent à l'aventure des corps, délaissent leurs armures devenues trop lourdes pour tenter de combiner élégante légèreté et douce ironie avec quelques écarts de conduite.
[full text]
Duo for underground parking [full text]
Four dancers and as many musicians from the four corners of the globe come back from the future to witness the partial collapse of Western civilization.
Through an expressive dance, mixed with live music, Something is wrong questions the world and its transformations and reminds us of the urgency to act. Now. [full text]
A danced piece in the form of a dive into the heart of molten matter, Black Belt spits out a magical ink that reveals the troubled and agitated zones of the living [full text]
The dancefloor as a moving social circle [full text]