Kubilai Khan investigations
L'empire - 2014
L'empire, Photos de Benoit Chapon

The physical state of our world is chaotic nowadays, from now on it’s a stormy space. L’EMPIRE is a black light, it deals with a society that loses its head. Drug traffickers control our economy from A to Z. What is happening in Mexico is both post-political and post-industrial. 35 millions of mexican live with less than two euros per day whereas the most active commercial border is the amercian-mexican border. On that line, the maquilladoras, border companies, employ thousands of persons for pittance, womens first of all. This project take an interest on that abyss where thousands of destinies are wounded, an alarm state that gives birth to a new word used in mexican langage : feminicidio.

Choreography and music Frank Micheletti
Dancer Gabriela Ceceña
Drawings Hildegarde Lazskak
9/7/2016 Médiathèque de Bagnolet, 93