Kubilai Khan investigations
This poem behaves like an animal. Its story rises, decants from the body... haunted. The tree never bathes itself in the same wind twice. This experience of being the same, yet different, reminds us of our own perceptions of the world, and co-existing worlds, and of our ability to vary the intensity of reality. This modulation thus becoming the art of transmissions, of transitions. Inconsolable with the worlds. Wavering on the crest. It is necessary to dream.

(Un)reality will create space, will not ascribe the energy to the infinite, (Un)reality will be possessed by excess, by dangerous energy, by humanity in shambles. In the awareness of the intervals, the gaps, of that which we have within us, our division, our vulnerability. A form of life resists domestication. Archaism. This poem behaves like an animal, on the alert.
The eye operates beyond contact, from the inside of the world like a dark spot.
The body which comes from its darkness. A body returning . A body overflowing.


Choregraphy - Frank Micheletti
Dancers - Idio Chichava, Sara Tan
Music composed, played and mixed in live by Frank Micheletti and Benoît Bottex
Lighting creation - Ivan Mathis

Kubilai Khan investigations

Théâtre Paul Eluard Bezons - CNCDC de Châteauvallon - Institut Français of Indonesia
Institut Français et la Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur- Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle / Poitou-Charentes, Kader Attou / Cie Accrorap - Ballet national de Marseille
In the framework of « accueil-studio » : Centre chorégraphique national de la Rochelle
With the support of Adami, society of artistes-performers, manages and develops theirs rights in France and in the world for a fair payment of their talents. It assists them also in their art project.


CCN La Rochelle – Théâtre Paul Eluard de Bezons – CNCDC Châteauvallon et résidence at IFI / Bandung - Indonesia
Your ghost is not enough
7/10/2016 Brasilia, Brésil
29/9/2016 Belo Horizonte, Brésil
26/6/2015 CNCDC, Châteauvallon
21/4/2015 to 24, Festival de danse de Ramallah
10/4/2015 Théâtre Le Comoedia, Aubagne
22/1/2015 Centre de développement chorégraphique Art Danse, Dijon
9/12/2014 CDC Pôle Sud, Strasbourg
27/9/2014 Théâtre de la Jeunesse, Hanoi, Vietnam
26/9/2014 Idécaf at Hochiminh City, Vietnam
10/6/2014 & 11, Rencontres Chorégraphiques internationales de Seine Saint-Denis
3/6/2014 Théâtre Paul Eluard, Bezons
23/5/2014 Surabaya, Indonesia
20/5/2014 Jakarta, Indonesia
17/5/2014 Première at Bandung/ Indonésia
18/4/2014 Indonesia/ Bandung Residence
22/2/2014 to 7 march, Résidence au TPE, Bezons
9/12/2013 to 17: Résidence au CCN de la Rochelle