Kubilai Khan investigations
A serie of encounter between the dancers of the compagny and groups of contemporary music

During the Dansfabrik festival in Brest in March 2013, the compagny inaugurated a serie of meetings with groups of rock. The first experiment took place at the Opéra of Toulon in May 2012, during the Constellations festival organized by Kubilai Khan.

This proposal stands in continuity with the work of the company in its direct relationship to music live on stage or performing spaces, but opens a new chapter in the approach. Those performances seize the moment, and do not require creative work in advance, it's about revealing, during the frametime of a concert, the urgency and immediacy of an encounter between dance contemporary and the world of contemporary music.

The first proposal will be held with the Paper Tiger group, and opens the way to many other meetings with groups such as DMST, Swan, Mug Star...

An electrifying encounter between the dancers of Kublai Khan investigations and the rock band Paper Tiger. This meeting with boundless energy immerses us closer to these trajectories and fluidities that mark our lives.
Addictive, exciting, sometimes harmful, what could be more exhilarating than the games of the streams in which we engage every day in everyday life? Immersed in the heart of the life and of the city, we dive in journeys across physical and emotional mobilities that take us away without paying attention to it. Tensions, stimulations, agitations, these rhythms and shifts reflect the urgency we are caught up in. During a trip, a concert, Papier Tigre and Kublai Khan investigations share with you this journey in to the heart of the emergency, in this bath of speeds and accelerations, sometimes foolish but essential. Volt(s) face measures the dynamics tension of an electric present time beard by dazzling dancers and musicians.

VOLT FACE(S) - Kubilai Khan investigations from thomR on Vimeo.

Choreography Frank Micheletti
Dancers Viktoria Andersson, Idio Chichava, Peter Juhasz, Csaba Varga
Photography Laurent Thurin-Nal
5/4/2014 Gymnase CDC, Roubaix
29/3/2014 Odéon, scène Jean-Roger Caussimon, Tremblay-en-France
31/1/2014 Tétris, Le Havre
29/11/2013 Théâtre Paul Eluard, Bezons
13/3/2013 Festival Dansfabrik, Brest
31/5/2012 Constellations, Opéra de Toulon