Kubilai Khan investigations
Soto ni deru - 2010
"Urban river, never-ending flow"

Sirens at noon, Marseille
Time which opens up like a space
It is not a story, but rather a geography. A deep blue sky which reminds us that we cannot touch the horizon.
One has to fall into the material for something to happen.
Disturbing time, making space move, the dance like a general poetic form of action. Every movement is a point of sensitivity as a support, a setting in the surfaces, the thicknesses, the folds of life and its representations.
Something escapes us and offers us a depth of field that accentuates the relief, invents moments in suspension, nuances, liaisons, variations. Infiltrations between the spheres of intimacy and the collective which play from one to the other, in a never-ending flow.
Music overspills and plunges us into this never-ending flow. Repetitions as if we became aware of what is happening.
Bodies on a journey, bodies ready to follow a trajectory, open to paths.
Banks and water edges.
One must fall into the body.
Frank Micheletti
26/6/2010 Festival En lieux et place, Toulon
2/6/2010 Sirènes et Midi net, Marseilles