Kubilai Khan investigations
As long as it blossoms - solo 2005
Between two things, a threshold, as a meeting place
Between two things drawing closer together and confront each other.
I imagine a sheet of paper on this threshold
Paper in the form of a human body

A paper puppet travels through time.
Its existence is fragile, more or less flexible, but quite tangible
Always restrained by gravity, it floats, moved by a breath.
It accumulates the information about the folds of its body, time passes and brings it to its transformation.

Paper in the form of a body :
Chiharu Mamiya, 22 May 2005 in Brussels
Distribution : Choreography and interpretation - Chiharu Mamiya/ Music - Rui Owada & Takumi Fukushima/ Scenography - Yvette Rotscheid/ General management - Pierre Vigna

Production : Cie Kubilai Khan Investigations, CNCDC de Chateauvallon.

Remerciements au CNCDC de Chateauvallon, aux Hivernales d’Avignon, à la Cie Mossoux-Bonté à Bruxelles, au Festival Gdanska Korporacja Tan au Théâtre Klub Zak à Gdansk, pour le prêt des studios et l''accueil en résidence.
Remerciements pour le regard à Alessandra Coppola et pour la voix à Franca Montfort

15/9/2006 La Tannerie, Barjols