Kubilai Khan investigations
Mondes, Monde - quatuor
20 representations
Tour : France - Allemagne - Monaco

Diaporama de Jean-Louis Fernandez

A piece built as a set of Matryoshka dolls. A world conjugated in the plural form, according to those who inhabit it. On stage, four dancers reveal their own world, coloured with the memory carried by their bodies. In a language that is their own, with serpentine hands, faceless figures and a receiving body, they recount small parts of their being, of their story. Inevitably dissimilar, from one individual to the other, yet also common. For beyond the differences, a map is drawn of a shared territory. A place where paths end up crossing each other, where an encounter, even brief, is rich and possible. A world built in dance, in four pieces yet in the singular.

Distribution : Conception - Frank Micheletti/ Dancers - Ikue Nakagawa, Ivan Mathis, Frank Micheletti, Junaid Jemal Sendi/Lumi
Mondes, Monde - solo
12 repréentations
Création Le Sujet à Vif – SACD / Festival d’Avignon 2006
On the verge of the memories our bodies carry; there are a few displacements, notes in the margin, ravings and other phenomenons. What is happening (since there is no natural history).
Frank Micheletti, april 2006
Dancer : Junaid Jemal Sendi
Production : Cie Kubilai Khan Investigations
7/2/2008 8 & 9 : Maison des ats, Créteil
9/12/2006 Monaco dance forum, Monaco
6/12/2006 Danses d'ailleurs/CCN de Caen, Caen
17/7/2006 Cour Lycée St Joseph, Festival d'Avignon