Kubilai Khan investigations
Coupures - creation 2007

Coupures from Kubilai Khan Investigations on Vimeo.

The body is bearing the differences and various entries that follow the time and space scales where our images and representations are at stake. This duet cuts and mends again the fabrics that reflect our relations of duality, in interference and/or in continuity : games of distinction, resistance, attraction or repulsion, density, weight and measures, sex.
Short paths along our materialities.
Our bodies as developments that lead us to rather remote ranges (fantasized bodies / bodies turned into instruments / sensitive bodies).
There is the shadow and there is the prey. We are incarnated in a material world where each individual is at once object and subject, vulnerable and resisting, depending on the circumstances.
"Coupures" lingers on those circumstances.

As we may talk about slices of life. Those of a couple whose relationship turns from duo to duel. Coupures (Cuts). Like the gashes that allow the inside to see itself outside: the attraction, the repulsion, the desire to possess, to be possessed. Coupures. Like the power cuts that modify the electric fields and excite the magnetic poles. Coupures. Like the editing of a book so that only the essential remains. Coupures. Like a dance that plunges straight into the most beautiful enigma man has to solve: the Other.
Laurence Perez
Distribution: Danseurs - Ikue Nakagawa et Frank Micheletti
Création lumières : Ivan Mathis

Production : Kubilai Khan investigations
Remerciements au CNCDC de Châteauvallon pour son accueil en résidence
24/9/2013 Germoir, Bezons
2/4/2013 Foyer Pérronet, Bezons
15/6/2012 Plein air à Bezons
10/4/2012 Collège Gabriel Péri, Bezons
26/3/2012 Collège et lycée, Taverny
13/2/2012 Collège Henri Wallon, Bezons
13/1/2012 Théâtre Paul Eluard, Bezons
11/1/2012 Ecole de musique et de danse, Bezons et Conservatoire, Argenteuil
4/6/2011 Biennale de danse Effervescence, Cholet
2/10/2010 & 3, Institut français de Tokyo, Japon
29/4/2010 Festival Danse d'Avril, Théâtre Comœdia, Aubagne
19/1/2010 & 20 : Théâtre de Cluny; Cave à Musique, Mâcon
4/12/2009 The 4th and 5th, Festival Constellations, Toulon
9/6/2009 Institut Franco-Japonais, Yokohama au Japon
3/2/2009 Maison des Arts, Créteil
2/12/2008 &3th, Instituto de Bellas Artes, Mexico
17/11/2008 Prison of Clermont-Ferrand
9/10/2008 Espace des Arts, Pradet
2/4/2008 au 14: Séchoir scène nationale de la Réunion
8/3/2008 Théâtre Louis Aragon, Tremblay-en-France
13/2/2008 L'Arsenal, Salle du gouverneur, Metz
31/1/2008 L'Arsenal, Salle du gouverneur, Metz
12/10/2007 & 13, La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand
3/10/2007 & 4 : L'Arsenal de Metz
5/6/2007 Présentation de saison. L'Arsenal, Metz
29/3/2007 Théâtres en Dracénie, Draguignan
15/3/2007 & 16, La Ferme du Buisson