Kubilai Khan investigations
Waves Splashing - 2017
How can we sell or buy the sky, the earth warmth ? If the air freshness and the water whisper doesn’t belong to us, how can we sell them ?
A pine needle that shines, waves lapping a shore, a soft brume, make up a galvanizing odyssey. To go for a ballad, to relieve, to slip to other sensations and perceptions where floating echoes of distant imaginaries appear suddenly. To come back to the environment variations and to the temporality differences. To fall and talk to naked stones, to go through a cloud ; the world can be beautiful, it’s still incomplete. Better, every thing perfectly existing turns out virtualy in a metamorphose, like a sorceress process that inverts persepectives, generates doubt, like a small distraught geographie. Waves Splashing operates with narrative fragments that are just like traps. Its waves are searching for the switch that will break the communication.
photo Sem Brundu
16/9/2017 Waves Splashing, Sentier des douaniers, Toulon