Kubilai Khan investigations
Yumé (Rêves) - Festival la Bâtie 2001
This piece was created for the Huit sur 8 (Eight on 8) festival in Geneva in September 2001: the La Batie Festival - a festival in Geneva
Creating a spectacle is, for me, like travelling into an unknown territory. In the case of Huit sur 8 the journey is made by two people. Each traveller knows how important it is to choose the right companion, a good one, one with whom discoveries can be shared, who can help you from time to time, to talk with, to be silent with, to be together with and then also to leave. A travelling companion is a very special person, but I cannot exactly say why. It can often be life if not chance that suggests them, presents you. I wanted to make this journey with Franck Micheletti. I didn't know him very well and that didn't particularly bother me. I knew a little about his work, and that was enough, with the sensation of being with one of those good travellers ; curious, awake, sensitive, alive.
Marcela San Pedro
Distribution : Danseuse - Marcela San Pedro/Musique - Rui Owada/Image vidéo - Franz Treichler\r\nCréation lumières et régies générales : Marc Gaillard\r\nAdministration déléguée : Patrick Pioggia
Production : La Batie
5/9/2001 Festival La Batie, Genève